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CEX.IO step by step instructions is an "all-in-one" exchange that allows you to buy Bitcoin, put it into your Cryptosino account, and withdraw it back to It usually takes around 30 minutes to create and verify your account, after which you'll be able to make deposits swiftly and securely whenever you want.

This guide provides steps for:

1. Creating your Account

2. Buying Bitcoin

3. Depositing to Cryptosino

4. Withdrawing from Cryptosino


Have you created a account yet? Let's go through it

Go to, click the Register button, and complete the following steps:

1. Fill out the details

2. Hit Proceed on the next screen

3. You'll get a confirmation link through your email.

4. Open the email, click Confirm or copy the code at the bottom of the email and paste it on the website.

5. After you've validated your email, click Next, and you'll be prompted to verify your phone number. Then, select SMS or Call from the Confirm menu.

NOTE: If you don't get your code within 30 seconds, press the SMS / Call not Received button to request a new code.

6. Hit OK after entering the code that was emailed to you.

Identity verification is the final stage in the account creation process.


2. On the next screen, hit Identity Verification


3. Choose Ok, let's go.

4. Select your nation of residency and confirm it.

5. Select Proof of Identity Document from the drop-down menu.

6. After that, you can either use your phone to submit images or fill out a form on the internet.

7. Add images of the front and back of your ID and a selfie holding your ID, according to the instructions.

8. Put your valid name in the box.

9. Fill in your nationality and birthdate.

10. Enter the ID's issue date and expiration date.

11. The verification of your ID could take up to 30 minutes. This will be confirmed by email.

At CEX.IO, you can verify your address and other information for higher limits and more rewards, but this is optional.


When you’re ready to buy Bitcoin:

At the top of the website, click Cards. Exit Verification first if you're still on the verification screen.

By default, the site only accepts credit cards as a payment method. Instead of using bank transfers, go to the right-hand green Deposit option. NOTE: Using a credit card is recommended because the payment will be handled quickly. You'll need to complete additional verification if you use bank transfers, and these might take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days to complete.

Fill in the card information (card number, name, and expiration date)

Hit Proceed

On the next screen:

1. Take a photo of yourself holding the card and upload it.

2. Continue by pressing the Enter key.

3. Verification takes about 5 minutes on average, but if it takes longer than that, Please be patient with us; the email will indeed arrive soon.

After you've completed the verification:

1. At the top of the website, click Buy/Sell. Exit Verification if you're still on the verification screen.

2. Choose the cryptocurrency type you wish to purchase.

3. Choose the currency you want to use,

4. Choose the amount and click Buy.

5. Make sure all details are correct. Then choose "Buy Now" to complete the purchase on the next screen.


You're ready to finance your account once you have Bitcoin in your account.

To begin, go to the Cryptosino website, as this is where you'll receive the address to pay the monies.

1. Sign in to your account and take the following steps:

2. Open the main page

3. Select Deposit

4. Fill in the amount to be deposited (this must be the exact amount you want to deposit)

5. Claim a bonus (optional)

6. Hit the payment button

7. You have to copy this address. Click on the small copy icon (such as the two sheets of paper) or any space on the address or to the right. Or you can scan the barcode with your smartphone.

NOTE: DON’T type addresses by hand. Instead, always use the copy-paste tool!

Next, go back to, and hit the blue WITHDRAW tab on the right of your screen:

Now, follow these steps:

Paste the Bitcoin address into the field

Select BTC as the currency type and enter the desired amount in BTC. This must be the same as the amount displayed in the Cryptosino Cashier.

Select the Withdraw option.

After that, your deposit will be added to the blockchain. Deposits are typically confirmed within 10-60 minutes.

By browsing the blockchain website and inputting your deposit's address:, you may verify the status of any transaction.


To make a withdrawal from Cryptosino to, follow these steps:

First, hit on DEPOSIT at the top of the screen from your account.

Select the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw on the right side (e.g., BTC Bitcoin).

Check the confirmation box and click Next.

Your BTC receiving address will appear, which you can copy by clicking the copy icon.

Now, go to your Cryptosino account and:

1. Open the main page

2. Select Withdraw

3. Enter Bitcoin address

4. Enter the amount

5. Paste the Bitcoin address you copied from

6. Hit “Send Verification Code”

7. Request the code to confirm the number on your mobile phone

8. Hit Send

Your withdrawal will usually be sent within 2-3 hours, but it may take up to 48 hours in some unusual circumstances.

You may then convert the Bitcoin to USD and deposit it to your bank account once it arrives in your exchange wallet.

NOTE: We strongly advise you to transfer your Bitcoin into US dollars as soon as possible after receiving it. This manner, you'll be protected against a possible dip in Bitcoin's value.

To do so, go to the top of the screen and select TRADE, then follow the instructions below:

1. Scroll down to the below page to see what you're looking for. BTC is for sale.

2. Enter the quantity of BTC you want to convert to USD in the box below.

3. On the right, the sum in USD will be displayed.

4. Hit Place order

Now that your funds have been converted to USD, the final step is to transfer them from your wallet to your bank account. Hit the WITHDRAW tab on top of the screen.

1. Choose the currency and the amount you want to withdraw on the right.

2. Select the withdrawal method you'll use.

3. Please confirm your identity (if you have not already)

4. Complete the purchase by adding your bank details and following the next steps.

5. You should get your funds in your bank account within 24 hours or less (on workdays). For additional information on the exact time window, visit the website.