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By Rustam Jabiyev - Jul 26th 2022

Keno Payouts, Odds, and Winning Strategies that You Need to Learn

1. Introduction

Let’s discuss Keno - a casino gaming genre that has been among the sweepstakes community's favorites for decades. It is a game that attracts thousands of players regardless of demographics. Whether you are an experienced player or this is the first time you have heard about keno, this guide will help you learn all you need about the keno payouts, winning strategies, paytable, playing rules, and so on. 

Without further ado, let’s start with the basics and explore Keno. 

Unlike other casino genres that came into the market recently, Keno has been around for hundreds of years. There is 2000 years of history behind the game since its creation in China. Around the 19th century, Keno came to the United States and started to expand even more since then.  

Can learning about the history of the game improve your odds? Probably not. Therefore we keep this part short and switch on to discuss the keno payouts and gameplay as those factors can really impact the winning. 

2. What are the Keno Payouts?

keno payouts

Before getting into the keno payouts, let’s first dive into the gameplay and rules of keno that you should know. Keno is a classic casino game. There are both land-based and online versions of the game that you can try.  

To start the game, you need to buy tickets or cards and pick numbers up to 20. There are up to 80 numbers to choose from while playing keno. Once all the players complete this stage, the system will randomly pick winning numbers, and if you manage to match them, you will win.  

In regards to keno payouts, they are based on a number of exact matches that players make during the game. We will elaborate on this matter later when we explain the keno payout charts. For now, let’s discuss how to win real money in keno. 

3. How do you win money in keno?

The winning numbers are called a “hit” in Keno. Depending on how many hits you have, you can leave the game with bigger prizes as it multiplies the initial wager and payout of the game. To win real money in keno, you need to go through these steps: 

  • Enter the game
  • Pick numbers from the pool 
  • Create your lucky combination
  • Deposit some cash and bet on them
  • Press to start button
  • and wait for the game to reveal 20 winning numbers

These are essential steps that you need to follow. However, that does not necessarily mean an automatic win for every player. In order to get successful results, you need to 

  • employ winning strategies 
  • and use some tricks 

that can maximize the keno payouts. Fortunately, we will touch on those factors in the next passage. 

3.1. Is there a trick to winning keno?

There are certain strategies that you can utilize in order to take an edge over your competition. In keno, the first step or trick that you can use is about picking the game with the best keno odds. For that, you need to look for different internet cafe sweepstakes sites, compare them side by side and pick the one that offers you more leverage. 

To pick the game with the best keno odds, you need to learn about different metrics that casinos use to define them. This is another keno strategy that can help you as a beginner. 

To improve your gameplay, understanding the keno terms is essential. Learning about them will help you to bet smarter and get relatively better results regardless of the keno strategy that you employ. 

Another tip for players would be picking between 3 to 8 numbers at most. This is a regular betting range that provides relatively high keno payouts without risking too much. 

The last tip that we would like to share with you is about the chosen numbers. Keep in mind that picking any number cannot increase or decrease keno odds. At the end of the day, all the numbers are picked through Random Number Generating software, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

Therefore, changing the combination every time that you lose is not a good idea. On the other hand, making slight changes and keeping the same numbers over and over again can bring you better results. 

3.2. How many numbers do you need to win on keno?

To win on keno, all you need to do is to match at least one number. However, depending on the casino where you are playing and their payout requirements, that number can increase as well. In general, matching one number should be enough if you pick only 2-3 number tickets. However, the keno payouts for only a single match on a more complex ticket would be small. 

4.Keno Payout Charts 

The keno payout charts differ depending on which online casino and which version of the game you are playing. However, there are common odds that can be applied to all the versions. Below, we designed a simple keno payout chart that you can use to estimate the odds and have an idea about how much you can earn while hitting the jackpot in online keno for real money

Keno Payout Chart: 

5. What is the best keno strategy?

Keno is a chance-based casino game that involves luck the majority of the time. Therefore, there is not a single bulletproof strategy that we can suggest. However, it does not mean that you cannot slightly increase your odds of winning. 

For those of you who are looking for that one keno strategy, let us present you with multi-race cards/tickets. These cards are one of the integral parts of the game, and every seasoned player knows the value that they bring to the table. 

By combining multi-race cards, your lucky numbers, and Martingale betting strategy, you can rise to the top pretty quickly if the luck is on your side. For those of you who are unaware of the terminology, multi-race cards in keno refer to the pre-ordered tickets with the same or different numbers. 

While using this strategy, you will be able to control your bankroll more efficiently and have time to make necessary changes during the game. When you combine this with martingale, you will compensate for your losses. 

It is a strategy that requires experience and skill. Therefore, most beginners cannot pull this off. However, as you learn the game, and get better at it over time, you can give this keno strategy a try and see how much it makes a difference in your results. 

6. Keno odds

If you are thinking about the keno odds before starting the game and not sure if it is worth it, check out this passage as we are going to explore the probabilities of hitting the exact number in keno. 

  • When you pick only 1 number

For those of you who only pick one number, the odds are 1 in 4, assuming that the keno variation you are playing allows you to pick only one number in a 20 number ticket. Risks are lower, but so is the reward. Therefore, only a few online casino sites allow players to use this keno strategy. 

  • When you pick 2 numbers

When you pick 2 numbers in the ticket, the odds are 1 in 17 that you would hit both of them. The odds are lower than the previous one. However, the rewards for matching 2 numbers are higher when you are playing online keno

  • When you pick 3 numbers

The odds of matching all the 3 numbers on a ticket is 1 in 73. If you want to hit at least two of them regardless of the order, your odds would be 1 in 8. 

  • When you pick 4 numbers

In the case of four numbers, the odds are getting lower, and there is a 1 in 327 chance that you can match all the chosen numbers. 

  • When you pick 5 numbers

Matching all five numbers can result in hitting the jackpot when you play keno. However, that is highly unlikely as the odds are 1 in 1551. On the other hand, you would have 1 in 12 chances to hit only 3 of those 5 numbers. 

From 6 to 10, the odds of matching all the numbers are like this: 

  • 1 in 7753 for 6/6
  • 1 in 40980 for 7/7
  • 1 in 230115 for 8/8
  • 1 in 1,389,688 for 9/9
  • and 1 in 8,911,712 for 10/10

The odds are not in favor of players when they want to hit the big jackpot. Though, do not get discouraged, as you can use this information to improve your odds by employing flexible betting strategies and picking the games that offer great payouts. 

7. Conclusion

Keno is an amazing casino game that you can learn pretty quickly. There are a lot of incentives to try out this genre and the most important one is high keno payouts. By employing the tips we have shared here and knowing your odds, you might as well take advantage of the keno payout table and leave the game with profit!

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